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Prawn PDF Toolkit goes 1.0.

After six years of hard work, we've finally shipped Prawn 1.0.

Please use it, contribute to it, complain about it, and make it better.


Prawn is excellent. Great work.

I've used it to replace a backend for a system generating printable maps that was previously using Cairo. A typical PDF went from blurry and 50MB+ with Cairo because it'd throw its hands up and resort to embedding images at the slightest hint of provocation, to ~5MB - 10MB with Prawn with much better quality because it actually gave us control over what goes in the PDF file, despite only changing 50 or so lines of code....

(And Prawn SVG is fantastic too, if you have SVG images you want to add to the PDF's: )vidarh - March 19, 2014 10:56
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