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All-time World Cup standings (1930-2010) calculations and more w/ sportdb gem

Hello, The latest sportdb gem includes new tables (and models) for group, league and all-time standings. For example, to calculate the all-time standings table for the World Cup (including all nineteen tournaments from 1930 to 2010) use the football.db build script and issue $ rake build DATA=history This will import all teams, tournaments, results, and so on and dump
the all-time standing e.g.
1 Brazil (BRA) 97 67 15 15 210:88 216 19
2 Germany (GER) 99 60 19 20 206:117 199 17
3 Italy (ITA) 80 44 21 15 126:74 153 17 ...
The full results all serve as a great checksum that all football.db match data is up-to-date and complete. Cheers.


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