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Schema-Free MySQL vs NoSQL (with help from Ruby)

There is no reason why we can't have a schema-free MySQL engine to compete with the NoSQL solutions. A look at what "schema-free" and "document-oriented" actually means, and the ruby code to make it work.


check out friendly orm - it's a new ruby ORM that does exactly this ! - March 01, 2010 19:53
Setting up a proxy to accomplish this kind of functionality just sounds like a bad idea and one more point of failure that I don't want between my application and its data. I generally don't like this idea of making mysql do what couch, mongodb and TC were designed from the ground up to do just because they are "immature". At one time mysql was fighting for respect in the data center before it became the norm. It won't be too long for the other technologies as well.AnonymousCritic - March 01, 2010 23:17
Open your mind. FriendFeed uses something very similiar to this to handle 250 million entries. Why is it no good for the theorists? Because they don't solve problems, they make them.Anon - March 03, 2010 00:01

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