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Padrino Ruby Web Framework 0.9.21: Nested Forms and much more

Padrino 0.9.21 was just released today. Padrino is an open-source ruby web framework that builds on Sinatra providing a variety of well-integrated components from an admin backend and form helpers to I18n support and generators. The biggest new feature is the oft-requested nested form object support which allows forms to build multiple related objects at once. In addition translation support for Traditional and Simple Chinese are now available. There has also been a great number of bug fixes in routing and component compatibility as well. The code and sample projects can be seen on Github.


For those that haven't seen them yet, also performance benchmarks (to be taken with a grain of salt but still interesting nonetheless): Ruby Web Framework Benchmarksnesquena - February 28, 2011 23:53
padrino can run with async_sinatra? what performance with async with thin or rainbows?sasuke - March 01, 2011 14:03

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