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How Go kicks Ruby in real life app

I just published Egoistat a small app written in Go with Backbone.js frontend. It shows number of social shares for specified url, simple stuff. And here's the blog post describing how Go implementation kicks Ruby in benchmarks, also few tips included there:


Language that compiles kicks VM language? IMPOSIBURU.
Seriously, ending of post was obvious even before post was written.
Not saying that ruby threads are capable only of doing I/O without locks.
Also if you are planning to make parallel computations benchmarks right way - use JRuby or Rubinius at least.
And one more thing: if you are doing benchmarks with that low amount of some logic and computations in code, then you are measuring IO for language, not actual computations speed.

But whatever, GO will be faster than ruby, they are totally different platforms.Gonzih - August 17, 2012 01:10

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