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Hash#fetch default value gotcha

I wrote a tiny blog post about Hash#fetch default value gotcha.


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Excellent article! There's a related issue that can come up in Rspec tests: if you say `expect(some_method_call).to eq('hi')`, that works fine. But if you say `expect(some_method_call).to raise_error(SomeError)`, and it does raise that error, your test will fail! That's because the error is raised when the method is called, right there inside your `expect()` parentheses, before Ruby ever looks at the `.to raise_error` part.

Instead, you have to give it a block: `expect {some_method_call}.to raise_error`. That way it can hang onto that block, see that it's supposed to expect an error, then call it when it's ready and see what happens.NathanLong - December 07, 2012 14:36

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