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DevPanel: A New Gem That Provides Page Render Times and Debugging Info In The Browser for Rails Apps

DevPanel was created after reading about StackOverflow developers having the ability to see page render times in browser, in an easy and convient manner. DevPanel is a small box that appears on your screen that shows all sorts of debugging info. See render times, including time spent in the view and controller as well as the number of partials that were rendered. It also shows which controller was called and which action was rendered which is useful when you are new to an app and it's not clear what page is being loaded when you click through the app. Check it out!


This is pretty cool. I like that this puts the page performance info on the screen. It saves a lot of time over digging through the logs to get at it.bobfirestone - January 09, 2013 14:52
Wish it worked for rails 2.3.5nelsonenzo - January 09, 2013 18:17
nice work though!nelsonenzo - January 09, 2013 18:34
Yeah sorry about that, I want it to work with Rails 2 and better but unfortunately the mechanism by which this data is gather in Rails 3 is significantly different. Thanks for the encouragement though, and in the future maybe some time could be put towards backwards compatibility.MattStopa - January 09, 2013 18:46

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