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How to decrease coupling in your controllers & views with decent_exposure for better maintainability

I wrote up a detailed post about the decent_exposure gem. It goes into how controllers and views have strong coupling due to the passing of instance variables. The rest of the post details how you can use decent_exposure to cleanup your controllers.


This is in my opinion the most important Ruby Gem of all time. It cleans up your controllers greatly and just makes life more pleasant. Thanks for this article on it, I hope it helps bring more attention to decent_exposure.MattStopa - January 12, 2013 01:06
I forgot I had actually written a post about decent_exposure myself. Read it hereMattStopa - January 12, 2013 05:15
We took this a bit further - defined a simple 'decorate' method which a decoration wrapper around 'expose' method. Now every time we are exposing something we are also decorating it. Checkout here:

My friend created a gem for this decent decoration 'pattern' we invented: - January 12, 2013 17:38

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