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April 11, 2014
I just wrote a blog post about some of the handy customizations we've done when using ActiveAdmin. read it here.
We just launched the our biggest Ruby project so far, a tool that can identify the foreground/background of an image and return results. Let us know what you think
Ruby On Rails Blog
I just launched Ruby on rails blog for learning purposes. There i am updating problems which i have faced during coding and solution with the same. I think these solutions can also help you.
Strings are everywhere. They came from files, databases, REST APIs, or you simply use them to print results. But String comes with its own share of problems: how to deal with invalid byte sequence or convert back a String to a Date with an uncommon format. I share in a blog post 7 common use cases of String.
I have just published a new blog post about ActiveRecord enums, a new Rails 4.1 feature.
April 10, 2014
Abracadabra, the gem that swaps out text with a fully-compliant Rails form in one click, has just had a major update. Icon classes are fully customizable, the object can be deleted through the deletable option, the tab_to_next option allows seamless editing down a page, etc!
Hiring Rubyists
I just launched hiring rubyists
If you're hiring rubyists then post you jobs at hiring rubyists for free.
We just published a new blog post announcing Baruco 2014: speakers announcement, call for papers is open and first ticket batch!.
Brief outline of how we automate hosting internal gems at Climate Corp
We've just released a new version (0.4.0) of our Chewy gem. Elasticsearch infrastructure done right.
We've just launched an open source extension for Spree E-commerce allowing you to add a Q&A section to the product pages.
Liquid Template done right
Some people asked me how to do liquid template in Ruby correctly. I helped them and wrote following article Liquid in Ruby done right showing how to refactor a bad liquid-template code. I hope this would be useful to some people out there. Keep on learning folks!
Hey all, be sure to checkout my latest post discussing the upcoming Omega demo at Notacon this weekend in Cleveland OH, updates to the ruby gem / application polisher, bundler_ext, and more!
Introducing Hound
We're pleased to announce Hound, a hosted service that comments on Ruby style guide violations in your GitHub pull requests.

Hound is currently free and available for public and private GitHub projects. We intend to charge in the near future to ensure Hound is sustainable, but public projects will continue to be free. Hound is also open source.
April 09, 2014
Have you ever felt the need to parse proxy.pac-files in ruby? Then have a look at proxy_pac_rb @ We just released a new version. For more documentation and examples please have a look at proxy_pac_rb @
Rails' history with front-end asset management is somewhat complex, involving a mixture of gems and manual file management. Fortunately, there's now a better way—Bower. …Continue Reading - by Dave Copeland
Hakiri now supports open source projects completely for free. You can test your Ruby code and gems against public vulnerabilities and static code analysis.
Another post on the O'Reilly Programming blog, on how Ruby makes it easy to create mocks and stubs for unit tests.
Sometimes when you run a spec in a Rails app, it fails silently but it isn’t clear why. Frequently, this type of spec failure is due to an input validation error. But the log won’t tell you that. That’s why I created the Whiny Validation gem. Whiny Validation watches for ActiveRecord validation errors on all models. Whenever one occurs, it logs the validation message and dumps the ActiveRecord object (with inspect) to the log. A quick look at the log tells you why the spec failed.
Rails 4.1 was just released this week and I already had a great experience trying out the release candidates on my latest project, so I decided to write a bit about my favorites features on this release and some things I have learned by using them so far.

Check out the full blog post about our favorite Rails 4.1 features.
Learn Ruby on Rails book review
I wrote review of Daniel Kehoe book Learn Ruby on Rails
Check out a draft of Ruby domain objects persistence in Elasticsearch via the repository pattern. Live application available at (source at Github).
Rails 4.1 was released today and Rails Composer is up to date with 5 Starter Apps for Rails 4.1.
Ninefold just wanted to let everyone know that for our Rails deployment platform, you are not impacted by CVE-2014-0160 aka Heartbleed.

For more information please visit:
April 08, 2014
If you need something done in Ruby, a gem for it probably exists. Well, a dozen gems for it probably exist. Some of them are elegant, featureful, and well-maintained, and others were written to solve one use case the author ran into that one time. You have lots of gems to choose from, so how do you choose the right one? This choice is important — by the time you regret adding a gem to your project, it’s painful to change back.
When working with Ruby and Rails, a common source of confusion involves mixing up nil?, blank?, and empty?. All three methods clearly deal with determining whether a data structure is assigned a value, but there are different degrees of nothingness, and in the world of programming those degrees are important. This blog post helps to dispel the confusion by working through a number of different examples.
I wrote guide about how to install ruby and ruby on rails
April 07, 2014
Composable Operations is a tool set for creating operations and assembling multiple of these operations in operation pipelines. They are especially useful in large-scale Rails applications to model complex business transactions. In other words, they can be used to implement a service layer.
Sometimes you want to use a gem that doesn’t belong in your Gemfile.

There are great debugging gems out there: Pry, Rack MiniProfiler and the IRB utility belt are all great debugging gems -- and you don’t want them all the time!

Bundler acts like a bouncer — “you’re not on the list, buddy!” — even if it’s installed on your system.

What can you do?
Here is a introduction to JSON schemas and why to use them.
I just released rpbundle, an extension to ruby-processing which allows you to use rubygems in ruby-processing sketches and manage gem dependencies of your sketches using bundler.
Suppose you're using Nokogiri to parse some HTML or XML, and an element you need is missing. What should happen? If you said "An exception", try my tiny new gem, nokogiri_bang_finders. It simply adds lookup methods to Nokogiri that raise if nothing is found: at!, at_xpath!, and at_css!
During a hack day at Contentful two weeks ago, Andreas Tiefenthaler (Software Developer) wrote a simple Sinatra blog app, using the Contentful Ruby Gem, and deployed it on anynines. We asked him to share his experience by means of a guest post.
Both AutoLayout and the creation of custom UITableViewCell subclasses is extremely important when doing iOS development, so once you've finished watching this episode, I'd like you to take away the knowledge of "Why is AutoLayout important?", "Why create custom table view cells?", "How AutoLayout works", and finally "How to use AutoLayout when creating custom cells". You're going to learn these things while we take a look at our example RubyMotion application "Tasker", and there is some new parts to MotionInMotion in this episode where I change up the format a little, with a bit more "Why" than just how, as well as a challenge for you at the end to practice your skills.
April 06, 2014
Every developer has to deal with technical debt sooner or later, here's how I deal with it.
Workflow Gem Explained
A look into the internals of Workflow and how it enables an easy interface to create a state machine. Check it out.
April 05, 2014
TheSotrableTree is popular render-helper for AwesomeNestedSet trees. The Magick of this gem in simplicity of implementation. Gem used recursive function to render tree. But recursion is very slow when tree contain more then 100 items. This problem solved with index-hash. Yesterday I patched this index-hash, because I found logic mistake. Previous versions should works fine, but current version more stable. Please, read release note to know more.
April 04, 2014
Partial caching is a great way to get some major page speed improvements without a lot of work. But if you forget a touch: true on one of your associations, or your template dependencies aren’t working right, your cached partials won’t get updated. Rails' development environment usually runs with caching disabled, so you'll need a simple way of enabling caching temporarily to investigate and reproduce your caching bugs.
I wrote second part of tutorial about how to create todo list app in rails
Array is so common in Ruby and well done (especially as a litteral) that it's usually the first choice as a collection. But sometimes we need to avoid duplicates, and we end to duplicate a lot of checks to do that. The post explains that use case and suggests a solution..
RubyMine 6.3 is Out!
RubyMine 6.3 is finally ready with Rails 4.1, Slim 2.0, AngularJS, and much more on board. More details.
April 03, 2014
Want to create a good looking presentation without using Powerpoint or Keynote? Would you like to use your favorite editor and Ruby, instead?

I've been using reveal-ck to create presentations for the past year, and I just finished three screencasts that explain the process.

If you've heard of reveal.js, reveal-ck is a gem that generates reveal.js presentations-- and it lets you author content in various languages: markdown, haml, slim, and textile.

See the screencasts here:

I've been using more docopt.rb for the past 18 months as our CLI option parser and I think it's awesome. I've written a post about it here.

Hopefully it will encourage you to take a look at it.

Keep Your Secrets Secret
Take control of your Rails app's configuration and keep your secrets secret.
Help fund Rails Girls Summer of Code 2014!
Rails Girls Summer of Code offers three-months full time scholarships to programming newcomers. We aim to support 20 students (10 teams) to work full-time, expanding their knowledge and coding skills by/while contributing to a great Open Source project. Last year's Summer of Code has been a raging success. This year we will make it happen again with your help!
My name is Daniel Trierweiler and I work for a german digital advertising agency. We have developed a library in order to integrate Magnolia CMS within a Ruby on Rails application using a document based HTTP API.

We are using this approach for most of our customers' websites and we have decided to open-source the gems. Therefore we are going to host a webinar about the integration on April 17th, 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm. It will demonstrate how to access Magnolia CMS content from a Rails project, and highlight common challenges and best practices for the integration.

Currently the project is still closed source. We are executing the last steps of open-sourcing the gems and they will be available for the webinar as rubygems and on github.

More details can be found at (registration to the webinar is free!)

Please feel free to email me if you have further questions.
I just wrote an article about how to subclass the default form builder to create complex and structured forms.

This technique allows you to keep your views really light on ruby code and delegate all the complex stuff to a ruby class that is a descendant of ActionView::Helpers::FormBuilder.

You can read it on my blog
In May 31 - June 1 Kiev will host the second RubyC conference, dedicated to Ruby and Ruby on Rails

This year RubyC gathers a star cast of speakers from America, Europe and CIS countries. Among many: Steve Klabnik (USA), Ben Lovell (Great Britain), Javier Ramirez (UK), Alexandre de Oliveira (Brazil), David Henner (USA), Jeremy Evans (USA), Konstantin Tennhard (Germany), as well as Bogdan Gusev (Ukraine), Timothy Tsvetkov (Russia ) , Evgeny Pirogov (Russia).

More information about the speakers and their topics can be found at

Useful info:
• Ticket sales now open on the conference website!
• Venue: BC "INCOM" str. Smolenskaya, 31-33, Kiev.
• Working languages - English, Russian and Ukrainian.
• Join groups RubyC on Twitter and Facebook.

Hope to meet at RubyC 2014!
Surviving APIs with Rails - Code School
Code School just launched a new course covering how to build and test REST APIs with Rails. The first level of the course is free, if you're interested in checking it out.