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BenGribaudo — 6 posts

What a system knows about a given moment in time and what really was at that same moment can differ. Allowing past knowledge to be revised, and taking remedial action when it is, is often complex. Let's explore implementing both of these requirements using Ruby as our example language. Read part 1 (introduction).
Refactoring Reflections
Musings on why I refactor.
Did you know that you can assign variables inside Ruby’s array and hash literals?
RSpec’s be true and be_true look deceptively similar. In fact, their naming suggests that they might be synonyms for the same assertion. Can the two clauses be used interchangeably to produce the same effect?
Did you know that a when clause in a Ruby case statement can easily test against each item in an array? Learn More
Let It Quack! #ducktyping
A humorous narrative reminding developers to keep remnants of static typing out of Ruby’s duck-typed universe.