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TalkingQuickly — 4 posts

Docker seems like it's going to change the way we deploy Rails applications and an essential step in taking advantage of this is using it in both development and production. This Rails and Docker Tutorial covers setting up quick and repeatable development environments using Vagrant and Docker.
Following the popularity of the previous post on using Capistrano 2 to deploy one or more apps to a VPS, several people have asked about doing the same with Capistrano 3. So here's an updated Capistrano 3 version, including sample code.
Tasks to tail log files were really useful in cap v2. So I've written a blog post about how to tail log files with Capistrano V3 for everyone who's upgrading.
It's often inefficient having a new VPS for each side project and after several people asked how I do it, I've put together a tutorial and sample code on running several Rails apps on the same VPS.