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alexivanovs — 4 posts

I just published a post '5 Free eBooks for Learning Ruby on Rails Framework', do you have any other books that you could add to the list?
You should be able to begin picking up the very basics rather quickly, by learning Ruby from these resources and platforms, but I think that I’ll be making another one of these in the coming days, to cover some free Ruby books that you can download and study – because, books do add a little bit more in-depth to the art you’re trying to master.

→ 10 Free Ways of Learning Ruby Programming Language
I’ll be going over each of the Ruby IDE’s briefly, and if possible include a tutorial from someone who’s experienced with each platform more than I am. You can also submit your own, and I’ll consider adding it to the list.

→ Top 5 Ruby IDE's

We've all got our own favorites, you're more than welcome to suggest your own!
I have been putting these posts together for all programming languages, at least those who're supportive of web frameworks, first I'm on a mission to cover all of the minimal ones - then move on to bigger guns!

Here is the link.