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amardaxini — 20 posts

Postgresql order by field
I am having 3 records and order by 2,1,3 order using postgresql,i.e implementing field function of mysql in postgresql.
I wrote small post with snippet for searching articles using category,tags,title and content in refinery cms blog engine
Long back i was working on HTML5 Web Socket and created pubsub chat application so i am sharing my thoughts and demo onto it.
How to start/stop daemon using Daemon Kit from any directory.
Understanding Daemon Kit
Understanding Daemon Kit.
Quick blog post installing and using acts_as_flying_saucer in rails 3.1 and heroku.more info available here
Couple of new features is added to acts_as_flying_saucer new features
In Rails 3.1 it is easy to add Custom pre processor like info you can found here
The article describes how to set selenium under headless state with Xvbf and Ruby.
Resize image using GD2
Quick post how to resize an image using gd2
Conditional GET request
Conditional GETs are a feature of the HTTP specification that provide a way for web servers to tell browsers that the response to a GET request hasn’t changed since the last request and can be safely pulled from the browser cache,In this post i have shown how to achieve this functionality.
Many times Report is changes as per customer need & every time we need to modify code.But we can achieve this using liquid and other stuffs.Here i have shown a basic example how to achieve this.
Rchart is ruby port of the slick pChart charting library.Using Rchart we can develop various format of chart. Line,Cubic Curve,Bar,Pie,Filled Line,Stacked Bar chart and many more. More Info available here.
Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS) is a distributed queue messaging service. The idea of SQS is to remove the direct associations between producer and consumer and act as mediator between them.Ruby libraries like right-aws,sqs etc.helps to achieve using SQS.
To know more about how it is implemented visit SQS using Ruby.
In many application we have to convert one office format to another format
like doc to html.To Convert using ruby convert_office plugin is used.
More info you can found here
Nailgun using ruby
Nailgun is used to preload JVM so no need to load JVM on executing java.Since many ruby/rails application/plugin uses java library.To improve performance of application we can use nailgun. More info you can find here.
In many application we have to test behaviour of javascript in a uncontrollable environment without browser. It means we have to check behaviour of javascript without traditional browser i.e using headless browser. More info available on railstech.
Routes Testing in Rails
We have just release a small article related to
routes testing.
A Routes Test has basically 3 parts
1. assert_generate
2. assert_recognizes
3. assert_routing
More info you can found here
Using acts_as_flying_saucer Pdf can be generated with password protection
More info can be found Here
PDF generation using the acts_as_flying_saucer plugin.