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amolnpujari — 13 posts

I happened to assert program output with rspec, and I wrote a nice helper.
emailing activerecord changes
Highlight changes being made on ActiveRecord object inside email
hello world lightbox
Just for fun, I quickly wrote one simple coffeescript lightbox, or say overlay
smallest thread-pool in ruby
perhaps this one is the smallest thread-pool in ruby
activeadmin cool tweaks
I have been working on activeadmin customization a lot for past few months and have done several customizations apart from a few that are documented on the site, hence would like to share my experience here -
activeadmin cool tweaks
found it so simple to application user to be able to modify the email before rails delivers it
Recently we happened to observe ox is 5 times faster than Nokogiri, and then we went ahead and created a small module( ox parsing to hash) which helps you parse large xml and iterate through the expected element presented in hash structure.
attempt to make chef know remote branches
Just briefed about how did we tell Jenkins to run a job using any device having email clients - here
reading large xml made easy
hey look ...this is very large xml I have, I guess it has these elements inside, let me know if you find any one of these elements .... here it is...
DRYing if @current_user.nil?
Just published this an example of how we could DRY and make things simpler using javascript bind
to_wordpress_html using coderay
Hello all, happy new year! I would like to share my first post here useful for highlighting your code snippets on wordpress default theme.