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andrewnez — 10 posts

Split, the Rack Based AB testing framework, has just been updated to 0.6.0 including the following changes:

* Support for Ruby 2.0.0
* Multiple Goals
* Custom configuration of user blocking logic
* Loads of bugfixes

Download it from Rubygems - View the Changelog
24 Pull Requests
I've have been working on a little project to promote open source collaboration during december, it's called 24 Pull Requests.

The idea is basically "Send a pull request every day in december leading up to Christmas", in the form of a webpage and a twitter account encouraging developers to give back to open source with little gifts of code throughout december.

The site also provides suggested projects to help with, guides for contributing and highlight good pull requests submitted each day.

Tt's also open source on GitHub
Split, the Rack Based AB testing framework, has just been updated to 0.4.2 and now supports v3.0 of the redis gem.

Rubygems - Changelog
Split, the Rack Based AB testing framework, has just been updated to 0.3.2 and it now handles redis errors and downtime gracefully.

Rubygems - Changelog
I just released Decommission, a command line tool to help you discover which versions of rails all your apps are running on. The code is on github too:
A blog post by Chris Mowforth showing how you can avoid SystemStackError while using recursion in ruby.
Brewdler is bundler for non-ruby dependencies from homebrew, list your dependencies in a Brewfile and then just run brewdle install and everything you need will be installed. Check it out on Github and Rubygems
Capify-ec2 is a little plugin for capistrano that generates namespaces based on your ec2 tags. Check it out on github:
Split is a new a/b testing framework that works with both Rails and Sinatra. Built at Railsconf 2011, it's lightweight, easy to use and extensible. Check it out on Rubygems and Github.
Ever wanted to create a google sitemap for your rails app on heroku? Then check out this blogpost on getting round the read-only filesystem.