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ariejan — 11 posts

Every developer has to deal with technical debt sooner or later, here's how I deal with it.
I've blogged before about deploying Rails applications. Normally I opt for using capistrano, but it turns out git-deploy is a light-weight, but worthy alternative.
I run my specs in just under a second. How fast are your specs? Read more here
I just wrote an article about how to setup a server with Nginx+Unicorn to achieve
With the support of the awesome Ruby community I've yesterday updated and released version 0.6.6 of the IMDB gem. Everything is back and working properly again. I'm accepting new features! [rubygems] [github] [rdoc]
I just released verion 1.3.0 of Firefly, a URL Shortener app written in Sinatra. Now with optional QR Code support and custom short codes! Deployment to Heroku is a breeze. Announcement, Github
Firefly is a light-weight URL Shortener app. It’s written in Ruby/Sinatra and can be easily deployed to Heroku. This screencast illustrates how easy it really is to setup Firefly and give it a spin. Did I mention that both Firefly and Heroku can be used for free?
Setup your own URL shortner? For free? With your own domain? Yes! And - in under 2.5 minutes with Firefly and Heroku! Give it a try now! Read instructions here.
Firefly is a simple URL shortener app for personal use. It's fast, it's easy to setup - and is written in Sinatra! Read more about Firefly at github or checkout the 0.4 release post at
RubyFest will be organising it's first meetup on may 14th in Eindhoven. Everyone is very welcome!
BaseApp Announcement
Ariejan has announced BaseApp, a quick-start for your Ruby on Rails app.