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charly — 10 posts

What is Nexter ? A misspelled tv show or a killer feature ? Not sure but it wraps your ActiveRecord model with any dynamically ordered scope and consistently cuts out the next and previous records. It also works with associations & nested columns : order("books.genre,, published_at desc")
Following my post on combining ransack and scopes I wanted to announce Siphon.
Somewhere inbetween has_scope and ransack, Siphon enables you to use ActiveRecord scopes in a search form
Who hasn't ever wished to combine Ransack with a scope.
A handy Array method that essentially finds and removes an item from an array in one go - returning that item. Surprisingly no core methods (delete drop etc) does this, nor does activesupport provide it.
Jail 0.1.1, a Rails Engine built on Githubs API to install/remove your Javascripts in just one click, now harvesting on the CDNJS libraries (158 js libs) to boost the number of inmates.
Hope you like it, suggestions more than welcome.
Put all your Assets in Rails. Arrest them now!
Still on Attachment_fu ? Here's a little help to get you on CarrierWave.
Tabbed Navigation for Rails
Light and very flexible solution for Tabbed Navigation, this might not be the ultimate approach, but the best I could come up with.
In my quest for nice (meta)programming techniques in ruby, I wrote From Decorator Pattern to Before Filter 1 followed by From Decorator Pattern to Before Filter 2. It's just thinking out loud hoping to hear: "hey good idea" or "there is a better way".
Following a post from jay field on the underuse of modules in ruby I wrote a post suggesting what i believe is the most elegant way to add and remove(!) behavior to a class with the mixology gem.