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dalibor — 30 posts

Ruby tools for markup processing and code syntax highlight.
12 Vim Tips
Compilation of 12 Vim Tips I've found interesting.
Programming Principles introduced by the Eiffel programming language.
Simple way to test IO in Ruby
I was working on a small CLI over the weekend and wanted to test the user input on the command line and the output that the program will print out. I figured out this simple FakeIO class that helps me do that.
I'm using Ubuntu and terminal vim and I have this workflow that I would yank something in Vim, suspend it (ctrl+z) and then paste the yanked text on command line usually to do a search with ack. For some reason when I suspend Vim, X Window clipboard gets empty and it will paste nothing. Here is a small vim function that will fix that by using xsel.
Deploying with Gitploy
How to deploy with Gitploy - a small DSL for writing deploy scripts.
Here's is how to send private messages with Facebook Chat API.
Rails Deployment Audit
Checklist with some practices for Rails Deployment Audit.
Vim Tips - Part II
Vim Tips - Part II
Vim Tips - Part I
Vim Tips - Part I
Rails 3 upgrade process (the road from 2.3.14 to 3.2.6)
Do It Yourself
Thoughts on Do It Yourself projects/experiments.
Example of statistic classification in Ruby.
New blog post at Siyelo's blog: Redis in the NoSQL ecosystem.
Remote pair-programming with Screen
Control Your Vim Editor
Create your own vimfiles and control your Vim editor.
Here is my Linux based Development Setup - tools that I use on daily basis. Please share your tools.
Trying to push a gem to Rubygems and you get "too many connection resets"!? Here is the fix for the problem.
PopraviMK project open-sourced
I have open-sourced PopraviMK project (both web and mobile applications). If you are looking for some good code examples on using tools like: cucumber, rspec, shoulda, factory_girl, pickle, email_spec I would suggest reading the source code. And, you can also read the source code of the mobile application (Android) which is built with Titanium mobile platform.
Guides on how to setup RVM and Phusion Passenger with Apache on Ubuntu to deploy Rails 2 and Rails 3 applications on the same machine.
I just reviewed Using Amazon S3 in Rails App from Codeulate Screencasts.
Vim for Rails Development
Where to start and how to learn Vim for Rails Development by referencing some books/screencasts.
Ruby Singleton Pattern Again
After giving a bad advice on using Ruby Singleton Pattern in my previous post, I decided to remove it, and write new one. Destroy. Erase. Improve.
Ruby Singleton Pattern
Ruby Singleton Pattern and usage example with Twitter gem to collect your friends timeline.
If you are experiencing this error, check out this blog post.
If you are interested in Ruby programming language, Ruby on Rails framework or Open Source stuff in general, and you are near Skopje (Macedonia) MK Ruby Users Group is open for you.
Unless you have endless recursion, you can change stack size and get rid of Ruby stack level too deep (SystemStackError).
Pomodoro Technique - Agile way to organize, measure and set value for your productive work. Are there any Ruby Shops practising it?
Time boxing for the Agile Gods
Short post on Agile time management technique timeboxing.
You can permanently remove files and folders from a git repository.