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danmcclain — 13 posts

I just announced PostgresExt-Serializers which allows you to serialize your JSON responses in PostgreSQL instead of Rails
Think [Don't cargo cult]
I just posted an article hoping that everyone will think when the come across something like "Sandi's Rules"
I just posted an article on using common table expressions and rank using ActiveRecord, postges_ext and PostgreSQL.
Today I released two versions of postgres_ext, here's a post both releases
Testing ContextValidations
I just posted an article on testing ContextValidations. This is a follow up post to DockYard's announcement of the release of ContextValidations
I just added support for concurrent indexes in PostgreSQL for Rails 4 and postgres_ext
I just released the dismissible_helpers gem. It allows you to add help text to your application which your users can remove
I just posted an article about using Arel and Postgres_ext/Rails 4.0 to run some advanced PostgresSQL queries with ActiveRecord.
I just blog about my recently accepted pull request that adds support for PostgreSQL arrays in Rails 4.0
I just blogged about a postgres_ext, a gem I released to add support to ActiveRecord for PostgreSQL data types
I just blogged about my first accepted Rails pull request. I added support for PostgreSQL INET, CIDR and MACADDR type to ActiveRecord
I just published an article on using Jenkins with RVM and Rails. It also includes details on using RSpec and Cucumber HTML formatters and serving up the output in Jenkins, instead of digging through the console output
I posted an article about using delayed_job for sending Devise's password reset email in the background.