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dtaniwaki — 7 posts

I just launched activerecord-after-transaction which provide a function to execute a proc after the transaction.
I just released activerecord-time-scope, which provides sets of useful scopes for time-related columns.
I just released paperclip-deflater 0.0.6. You can gzip attached files before you upload them through paperclip.
I just released rack-dev-mark 0.6.0. Now you can see the deployment revision and time on the tooltip of the dev-mark as well as the environment name!
I just released mandriller 0.1.0. It's a simple gem for Mandrill SMTP API integration. Just replace ActionMailer::Base to Mandriller::Base, then put some lines for settings!
I just released rack-secure-upload. You can reject malicious files uploaded by user!
I just released rack-dev-mark 0.3.0. The github-like dev ribbon will be shown on all the pages in development environments!