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Following up on the release of redtape, I wrote a blog post detailing why you should strongly consider it when reaching for #accepts_nested_attributes_for.
Redtape provides an alternative to ActiveRecord::NestedAttributes#accepts_nested_attributes_for in the form of, well, a Form! The initial implementation was heavily inspired by "7 Ways to Decompose Fat Activerecord Models" by Bryan Helmkamp.
DCI that respects the method cache
We've been talking about DCI (Data Context Integration) more lately with regard to Rails. However, the techniques presented to date have not necessarily been optimal for Ruby performance, dissuading some people from taking up DCI. This article may shed some light on a super-simple way to have our cake and eat it too.
I just launched RubyPair. For now, it's a searchable directly of individuals who would like to remote/in-person pair on things Ruby. I'm working to add more features to it. The project is OSS. You can learn more about it and contributing to it by checking out the profile for @rubypair on Twitter.
Acceptance testing, whatever your preferred flavor, e.g. Cucumber or Coulda, are super-helpful. But once you have a large enough suite of tests, they can sometimes run upwards of 10 minutes!

Other than making Rack, Rails, Ruby, or our computers faster, how can we make our acceptance tests run fast enough to be useful for TDD?

In this blog post, I explore a possible solution. I'd like your help to vet it.
Help me give back to my community
This isn't Ruby news but a call-to-arms. My local educational system is antiquated. I'm appealing to the local community college to let me teach a Rails course: I need your help.
Ruby DCamp, now in its 4th year, is once again defying the traditional conference conventions. It's your event. The schedule and sessions are decided on by all attendees on site. With an invitation code (see below), event, room, and board are free, as in beer, thanks to our gratious sponsors. Ruby DCamp is held in Prince William Forest Park, an hour south of Washington D.C. To register, you want to get an invitation code. Codes are being seeded through several RUGs. If your RUG doesn't have any codes, ask about on Twitter and you will likely be able to obtain one. And follow @ruby_dcamp on twitter.
A presentation on holygrail, given via Skype screen-sharing to 757.rb, by Evan Light of We Are Titans. Watch it here.
Ruby DCamp, likely the first Ruby Open Space event, opened registration a few days ago. Register here. Come learn from 149 other talented Rubyists while trying to improve the Ruby ecosystem. Registration costs, along with sponsorships, cover the cost of the venue (sized to accommodate 150), food, and other infrastructure.
Ruby DCamp
Ruby DCamp will be the first Ruby Open Space event. It will be a two day event held near DC in early to mid October. Venue and dates will be announced in a few days.