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engineyard — 44 posts

André Arko covers the work he's been doing to improve Rubygems.
Check out Michael Latta's post about Deploying Rails 3.1 Apps on Engine Yard Cloud!
Wynn Netherland covers Sass, Compass, and the Rails 3.1 Asset Pipeline.
Evan Phoenix breaks down the difference between concurrency and parallelism, and how a programmer experiences them.
The Resque Way
Bogdan Gusiev walks through lessons learned using Resque in production at RailsWare.
Chris Nelson talks about how MVC is shifting from server side to client side, and how Backbone.js and CoffeeScript are transforming front end development.
Danish Khan's blog post walks through when it's wise to implement caching, and how to decide which type of caching is best for your app.
fog 1.0 release
The fog 1.0 release is live. Find out more about the release in geemus' blog post.
Check out Charles Nutter's take on Bringing JRuby to the cloud read the EY announcement.
Wayne E Seguin walks through the RailsInstaller 2 for Windows release and key features.
Darcy discusses API Smith, RailsRumble, pair programming vs. solo work, Pebble, smeg-head, and what he's working on at The Frontier Group.
Trevor Turk offers an intro to how to set up and use CarrierWave, and why you might care.
Tomorrow, Friday, August 5 is the inaugural #rbxday. There's a global virtual event, and a number of in-person hackfests taking place.
A fog update from geemus covering fog 0.10.0, new services added, growth stats, and what's coming next.
If you work with a dynamic language hosted on the JVM you might not have heard of JSR223 and JSR292, but you owe these documents a debt of gratitude. Ola Bini explains how these JSRs specify extensions to the JVM that make it a happier place for dynamic languages.
Dr Nic Williams talks with Arthur and Nathan about Padrino, Sinatra, and Rails.
Concurrency in JRuby
Nick Sieger recaps his presentation from EventMachine RubyConf as a blog post.
Charles Nutter interviews Ian Dees for this week's Cloud Out Loud podcast.
Shai Rosenfeld walks through tuning the GC with Ruby 1.9.2 .
Charles Nutter walks through JRuby and JRubyConf developments made in the last year in hopes of convincing you to join him for the third annual JRubyConf coming up August 3-5 in DC.
David Keener discusses the government use of Ruby on Rails, Eloquent Ruby, the importance of polyglot programming, and RubyNation.
David Calavera walks through Trinidad, the application server used with the JRuby on AppCloud environment, and how to take advantage of Trinidad’s features.
Darcy Laycock of the Frontier Group offers an introduction to API Smith, a simple way to quickly build structured API clients on top of HTTP Party and Hashie.
Computation provides raw resources for innovation. Refining resources into services is serious business. Geemus explains how fog simplifies this process of utilizing resources, while smoothing out differences between providers so you can focus on creating the next revolutionary cloud service.
Chris Eppstein discusses how Compass came about, the importance of SASS, and how he got started with Ruby.
Evan Machnic walks though using Bundler and Rails 3.1 on AppCloud. He covers some common errors with gem versions, how to solve, and other important considerations.
Blog post from Wayne E. Seguin on new features included in the RailsInstaller for Windows 2.0.0 preview release.
Piotr Solnica of Code Benders walks through setting up a Rails app that uses DataMapper as the ORM, and how to configure your models to work with a legacy schema.
Baron Schwartz outlines the importance of reviewing migrations to ensure all ALTER TABLE are combined into a single one.
Dan Peterson walks through the process and tools used when we migrated from our own infrastructure to xCloud on Terremark. Read the details in Part I and Part II of Dan's blog series.
Jeremy Hinegardner talks about data analysis, the Boulder tech scene, JRuby, and Scottish Ruby Conf and more.
Two Odes to Ruby on Rails
Two complimentary perspectives, one from Tom Mornini and the other from Aston J on why Ruby on Rails rocks.
Chad discusses common Rails AntiPatterns, how to keep up to date with Rails, and ways to foster a culture of sound development practices. Listen to the podcast here.
Curt Micol discusses Why Chef Should Manage Deploying Your Application as a follow-up post to his earlier Why Puppet Should Manage Your Infrastructure article.
Dr. Nic announces the availability of Ruby 1.9.2. He also covers how to upgrade, and how to request access to try Rubinius on AppCloud in Alpha.
Ron Evans talks about Kids Ruby, parallels between music and programming, and the Music Jam he's working on for RailsConf.
Dan Peterson offers a detailed technical rundown of the process and tools involved in migrating customers to a new infrastructure provider.
Altoros walks through their experience selecting a key-value solution for logging events data.
Wayne E. Seguin walks through new features and other improvements, and a quick screencast demo.
Brazilian born Rubyist Thais Camilo discusses the tech scene in Brazil, why she decided to learn Ruby, and how she overcame language barrier challenges and frustrations as she learned to program while also learning English.
Listen to Tung Nguyen's podcast interview about Bleacher Report's explosive growth, the performance monitoring/optimization tools they use, and their plans to upgrade to Rails 3.
Try AppCloud Risk-free
Dr. Nic explains the new Engine Yard AppCloud trial. Create a new AppCloud account, and you can launch your app on a High-CPU instance with 2 virtual cores and 1.7GB of memory for up to 500 hours – for free.
Dr Nic grills Josh about GoRuCo, working at Pivotal NY, Batman, and other good stuff. Listen to the podcast here.
Useful Rewrites for Nginx
Kevin Rutten's post walks through moving some common redirects up into Nginx, freeing Rails to do what it does best.