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excid3 — 11 posts

I just recorded a screencast where we take a look at refactoring controller methods into a much more organized format.
I just recorded a new screencast on how to upload files with the Refile gem. It's the latest gem for uploading files made by the author of Carrierwave and really improves a lot over it too.
I just released a new screencast about using jQuery UJS and AJAX in your Rails apps.
I just released a new screencast on how to set up Button Loading Animations with jQuery UJS. Rails makes it super easy to add a spinner to your forms by just adding the disable_with data attribute. Hope you enjoy it!
I just released a screencast called Keeping with Annotate that talks about how to use the Annotate gem to automatically comment attributes in your Rails models.
I just released a new gem called stack_rescue that automatically searches Google for exceptions raised in your Rails applications. Check it out on Github.
I just released a tutorial to show you how to configure hourly database and file backups on your server.
Here's a quick guide to Using Vagrant for Rails Development to setup a virtual machine to run your application inside. You get to have a consistent development environment on any OS which mirrors your production environment.
I just posted a short screencast showing how to use ActiveRecord#merge to join named scopes in other models.
Simple Calendar is a gem for building calendars in your Rails apps. It now provides month, week, and custom-length calendars for you as well as a plethora of customization options. Simple Calendar gem on Github.
Ubuntu 14.04 just launched and I released a new GoRails tutorial to cover installing Ruby 2.1.1 and Rails 4.0.4 on it.

Setup Rails on Ubuntu 14.04