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felixclack — 10 posts

Everyone has their goto list of gems when they start a new project. Here's a look at my standard Gemfile for new projects
Some thoughts about best practices for ActiveRecord Callbacks.
Why is a styleguide important and how can you make sure you stick to it? I have some thoughts on how a Ruby style guide can help you write better code.
Keep Your Secrets Secret
Take control of your Rails app's configuration and keep your secrets secret.
Ever struggled to get someone else's Rails app working locally? Onboarding developers to Rails apps suck (and how to make it better)
Ever had trouble with creating has_many associations from forms in your Rails 4 app?
New to Ruby? Take a look at your options for building useful tools for your day job..
Continuing a discussion about how to achieve better isolation in your tests.
An introduction to reducing your Rails test suite run time.
I recently had a chance to upgrade to Rails 4 on jRuby project I've been working on. There's a few gotchas to watch out for.