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flyingmachine — 7 posts

As a side project, I've put together a site with collections of books from Amazon. I hope you all find the books useful. While the links are affiliate links, I hope I'm providing the community with something of value by collecting these resources in one place and adding little notes on why they're useful to Rubyists. I'd love any suggestions!
In this post I go over a small refactoring to clean up some code in Whoops by implementing the DCI pattern. I’ll cover the actual code changes and include my usual hand-wringing about what could be done better.
I put together a thorough documentation template on top of nanoc and would love feedback :)
I put together a description of minimax and used a Ruby tic-tac-toe game as an example implementation.
I made mypath because I often want to open the files listed in a stack trace in say, hoptoad, and get annoyed with having to edit the path to match mine.
Introducing Aikidoka and yada yada yada.
Form Element Objects in merb
Form Element Objects in Merb, an attempt to make merb a litte more like Cocoa.