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franckverrot — 12 posts

Four years after its initial release, no_querying_views is now a gem. Querying views - views triggering DB queries - will now raise an exception !
rb_import adds an import method to the Ruby VM so one can do foo_class = import './foo.rb'.
Eventually name-clashing class/module definitions can now be prevented with this gem.
I spent a couple of hours reimplementing the Arnold Schwarzenegger based programming language to run on any Ruby VM and here's the result: arnoldc.rb.
I have just released it. Don't hesitate to check it out !
I recently noticed a change in MRI that I found interesting to share: method definitions in Ruby 2.1.0 will not be void anymore.
There's been a lot of debates lately on how (and whether) one should version his/her API with the Accept header, so we extracted our Rails routing constraints into a gem: biceps
The Lyon Ruby Brigade is pleased to announce its first Ruby Conference in Lyon, France. This conference will take place on June 25th and 26th. All the information you need to join us are on our website or on Twitter @rubylug.
I have just released a beta version of Gendarme. It began as an experiment for annotating methods (i.e: add metadata to them), so I went thru a complete exercise and built Gendarme. [more inside]
I just released the first version of ActiveValidators. The goal is to build a large and tested collection of ActiveModel/ActiveRecord validators, to avoid reimplementing them in each and every project.

Today it supports :email, :url and :respond_to (the latest is experimental though). Any help to grow the collection will be appreciated :)
I just released a script called No Querying Views. Once installed within the config/initializers directory, it will raise an exception every time one will try to fetch data from the database within a view. I used it to replace ActionController::Base in favor of Michael Sofaer's Vanna::Base, believing "that all web requests should operate as logical clients of a JSON API" (and it was not possible to move until the views were lazy loading data across the application).
If you ever wondered what were these new core aspects of Rails 3 and how they were implemented, I investigated a little bit about them and wrote a quick article about it.
For anyone tired of managing translations in YAML files, Rails 3's I18n ActiveRecord backend is easy to setup and use.