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gnufied — 9 posts

Invoicing is one step solution for all the invoicing needs of your application. Checkout release post for more information.
Invoker version 1.1.0 released
We just released Invoker version - 1.1.0 now with support for:

* Ability to add any external process via .dev DNS
* Ability to tail one or more process.

Check Invoker Home Page for more information.
Here is a introduction to JSON schemas and why to use them.
Learn how Rails reloads code in development mode and How faster development mode was implemented in Rails 3.2.0
Part 2 of much loved Profiling Ruby 2.0 apps using DTrace
Complete guide of upgrading to Mountain Lion for fellow Rubyists. It not only suggests, how to fix Ruby, RVM etc - but I have also documented some minor ML specific problems you may encounter.
A Rails plugin for making versioning of RESTful APIs easier. Checkout RestfulRouteVersion .
BackgrounDRb - 1.0.4 released
An updated version of BackgrounDRb rails plugin has been released, which contains changes for fault tolerant clustering of BackgrounDRb servers, persistent job queue and tons of fixes for stability.