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gnufied — 10 posts

We just released Invoker version 1.2.0, which adds support for Linux, https and many other bug fixes. Find more on Invoker website
Invoicing is one step solution for all the invoicing needs of your application. Checkout release post for more information.
Invoker version 1.1.0 released
We just released Invoker version - 1.1.0 now with support for:

* Ability to add any external process via .dev DNS
* Ability to tail one or more process.

Check Invoker Home Page for more information.
Here is a introduction to JSON schemas and why to use them.
Learn how Rails reloads code in development mode and How faster development mode was implemented in Rails 3.2.0
Part 2 of much loved Profiling Ruby 2.0 apps using DTrace
Complete guide of upgrading to Mountain Lion for fellow Rubyists. It not only suggests, how to fix Ruby, RVM etc - but I have also documented some minor ML specific problems you may encounter.
A Rails plugin for making versioning of RESTful APIs easier. Checkout RestfulRouteVersion .
BackgrounDRb - 1.0.4 released
An updated version of BackgrounDRb rails plugin has been released, which contains changes for fault tolerant clustering of BackgrounDRb servers, persistent job queue and tons of fixes for stability.