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hardbap — 17 posts

In the comments on bryanl's blog post, "So, if you are using a mac, wanna know why you are using the wrong ruby?", Laurent Sansonetti explains the patch level for the Ruby version maintained by Apple.
Ruby on V8
Marc-André Cournoyer blogs about running Ruby on Chrome's JavaScript VM V8.
Capistrano 2.5 is now available. Here are the details.
Ruby on Erlang
from the Antares Trader blog:

"The thought that entered my head and has not left is this: if Ruby can run on top of the Java Virtual Machine and take advantage of all the power of that environment while still being an expressive and efficient language, why not have a modified version of ruby on top of BEAN, the Erlang virtual machine."
interesting article on InfoQ about IronNails:

A new project has been created for developers using IronRuby to write applications with a Ruby on Rails like experience. The project is called IronNails and is ready for developers to give it a go today.
a great tip from Dr Nic on how to speed up Cmd-T in TextMate.
Capistrano 2.4.3 and Net::SSH 2.0.3 are now available: Check out Jamis' blog for details.
Multiple Ruby security vulnerabilities announced: Info at the Riding Rails blog. *** Please note *** It appears as if Ruby 1.8.6-p230 may not compatible with Rails (check the comments in above link for details). Hold tight for more news.
Gotchas When Upgrading to Rails 2.1
Gotchas when upgrading to Rails 2.1 from thoughtbot
Dismantling BrowserPlus over at
RSpec-1.1.4 was released today.
Building YUI components in Yui4Rails
John Lam on IronRuby
A video update on Iron Ruby from John Lam recorded by David Laribee.
Interesting post over at the RubyFleebie blog on why Railers Need To Stop Not Caring About The Database
A review of the new time zone support in Rails 2.1 over at the blog. (Via the Riding Rails blog.)
Phusion Passenger, a.k.a. mod_rails, beta now available for download. Quote: "... makes deployment of applications built on the revolutionary Ruby on Rails web framework a breeze."
Rails or Merb?
Matt Aimonetti compares Rails to Merb on the Rails on the Run blog. Turns out Merb's 69% faster!