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hubertlepicki — 20 posts

Just published new blog post about 10 skills you need to master to become a better Ruby developer.
I just wrote about splitting up the large Rails applications.
I just published a blog post about my take on splitting up Rails applications.
Kamil Bielawski, one of our Ruby developers, decided to write a follow-up to his previous post, this time about bad parts of Ruby. Do you agree with his picks?
Ruby - the good parts
Kamil Bielawski from our team at AmberBit posted a blog post about what he think are good parts of Ruby language. Do not miss it!
There's a new blog post on our company's blog about Building and documenting APIs in Rails, by Kamil Bielawski
Another short post of mine, this time about making your Ruby on Rails application more lightweight.
In this short post I share with you some tips on how do I automate boring tasks on the web by hacking together Ruby/Capybara scripts
I just posted a bit long article about how awesome PostgreSQL is ;). Check out it for some basics, but also for tips on sharding, partitioning, replicating, data types and quite a few helpful links.
I just published blog post about setting up Torquebox 3 on Ubuntu 12.04 and configuring zero-downtime deployments of your Ruby on Rails application. Read it on our company's blog!
I just published a blog post about integrating AngularJS templates and Rails assets pipeline.
I just wrote a blog post about detecting similar images with Ruby (and Rails) and posted it to our company's blog.
Inspired by recent railscasts episode, I just made a few changes to my translations engine, which was re-born with new home and name, with support for Redis, MongoDB and nicer UI out of the box. Testers and comments needed!
Short blog post about using AbstractController::Base to render views and partials from within models, libraries etc.
Check out our new gem to manage web site translations within admin panels of your Rails 3 apps! Go to our Github repo and introduction blog post.
I have just released metric_abc. It is a tool that can help you find bad code in your Ruby 1.9 projects. It is much simplier cousin of Flog, but does the job in absence of Flog in Ruby 1.9 world. Check out post on my company's blog as well.
I posted a quick article about using Riddle to perform geospatial search with Sphinx fulltext search engine.
Some of my Polish colleagues have done something worth mentioning. Well, maybe not, but it's Friday evening damnit! Watch porn with help of your ruby scripts or even irb with xxx gem!
I just wrote a quick description on how can you run M/DB to replace SimpleDB for development and testing.
AmberBit team members have posted new tutorial and example code, that will let you integrate Flash Video (FLV) pseudostreaming, which is compatible with Lighttpd/Ngnix module solutions into your Ruby applications. Example is using Sinatra and Rack::Evil, but it's easy to port it to Rails.