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Ever had heavy Javascript assets that were taking a while to download? Sprockets::Preload allows you to preload it using only the directives of Sprockets. Show your users nice loading bar instead of just white loading screen.
Protector is a Ruby ORM extension for managing security restrictions on a field level. The new 0.5 release features built-in StrongParameters integration and additional gem providing integration layer with CanCan.
Meet Protector – the Ruby ORM extension for managing security restrictions on a field level. Check out GitHub's README to know how and my article to know why.
I just launched – the visual online Vagrant configurator. Checkout the "Vagrant to the masses" introduction.
I wrote a post about ActiveAdmin containing a set of tiny nice practices and a lot of theoretical thoughts on it's future.
If you ever wanted to know how full your Rails acceptance tests are, here is the solution: the rspec-routes_coverage gem.

We created a new JS framework that doesn’t clone anything existing but uses slightly different approach. Joosy we call it. And it's tied to Rails heavily.
We've released Heimdallr, comfortable black-list security restrictions for an ActiveRecord objects on a field level + controllers protection. Read the introduction article.

Gems are on Github: Heimdallr, Heimdallr::Resource.
I just finished an article describing a nice approach for handling complex views of Rails (or Rack) based REST providers.
We've just released initial version of two gems: Hashbang will (almost) transparently enable Google indexing for your AJAXified pages. And it's based on Sunscraper which is WebKit AJAX crawler binding.

Sunscraper is still RC and requires Qt to compile.

We had plans to convert Sunscraper to complete WebKit-only binding (to replace watir and all existing broken Qt bindings) to give Ruby full-featured headless browser support. If you need it please let us know so we finally decide if we should ;).
We've been using tilt-jade for this goal for 2 months. Wasn't perfect. Here is jade gem which will do same thing but with: ability to debug, specs, better assets management.
Gem 'styx' will help you to structure your JS and pass data from Ruby to JS (and backwards).
We've just released wash_out 0.2.4. It is supposed to fix a lot of problems with Java (or any other strict SOAP clients). Upgrade is strongly encouraged if you are using it. If you had no success trying it before, give it another chance.
WashOut is a gem that greatly simplifies creation of SOAP service providers. A SOAP endpoint in WashOut is simply a Rails controller which includes the module WashOut::SOAP. Each SOAP action corresponds to a certain controller method; this mapping, as well as the argument definition, is defined by straightforward DSL described at README. Requires Rails >= 3.1 and Ruby 1.9.