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iskin — 10 posts

Autoprefixer 1.1 for Rails contains a lot of flexbox and multicolumn fixes. Also it generates nice visual cascade of prefixes by default.
Autoprefixer parses your CSS and add vendor prefixes to CSS rules using values from the Can I Use.

Gem autoprefixer-rails adds Autoprefixer postprocessor to Assets Pipeline in your Rails application.

Instead of Compass, Autoprefixer adds only actual prefixes, keeps your CSS readable without CSS3 mixins and speed up assets compiling time.
Popular jquery-rails gem often wait few month before update jQuery, because it contains also UJS adapter and need to test it. For example, there is no jQuery 2 for Rails by jquery-rails.

If you don’t use UJS, try jquery-cdn:

It always contains latest jQuery
Uses CDN to server jQuery in production and local copy in development
Easy to maintain, because gem versions is same, that jQuery inside
Works with Sinatra and other non-Rails environments with Sprockets
Has 2 branches: with jQuery 1 (in you support IE 8) and with jQuery 2
Compass has slow development and not best perfomance. If you use it only for CSS3 vendor prefixes and images you can speed up your Sass compiling by Autoprefixer and rails-sass-images.
Autoprefixer parse CSS (or Sass) and add prefixed properties and values (calc() or properties names in transition) by Can I Use database for actual browsers (for example, “more 1 %” by global statistics usage).
I I've just release R18n 1.0.0, an i18n library for Rails/Ruby with some extra features and clean architecture.

Unlike Ruby on Rails buildin I18n library, R18n autodetects user locale (for Rails, Sinatra and desktop apps), translates models or any other objects, has flexible filters, uses better locales architecture, can load translations from different sources (files, database, etc) and use nice Ruby-style syntax.
R18n 0.4 for Rails
R18n now has full compatibility with Rails I18n and add to Ruby on Rails: filters, i18n support for models, time formatters, nice syntax and out-of-box pluralizations and autodetect user locale. Also R18n has Sinatra, Merb and desktop plugins.
Rake Completion
Completion Rake tasks by Tab with caching, package in Ubuntu on Rails PPA and sh tests :).
I18n for Sinantra – R18n
An agnostic and rich i18n tool R18n now has support for Sinatra.
R18n is an i18n tool. It isn’t a yet another Rails plug-in. R18n has a core gem and plugins for the Merb framework and desktop applications.
It can format numbers and time to the rules of the user locale. Translations are stored in YAML format with procedures and pluralization (“1 comment”, “5 comments”).
It has special support for countries with two official languages (exUSSR, China) and translation for commons words, like “OK”, “Cancel”, etc.