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judofyr — 33 posts

Abstraction Creep
Abstraction creep: When you try to save yourself from a shaky abstraction by introducing another abstraction, instead of just fixing that abstraction.
Mockup-Driven Development
I've just written an article about Mockup-Driven Development.
Refinements in Ruby
Ruby 1.9 will soon get a better way to monkey patch classes. Read all about them in Refinements in Ruby!
Block Helpers in Rails 3
Rails 3 changed the way block helpers works, but at what cost?
Ruby Summer of Code
After Google Summer of Code didn't approve any Ruby organizations, there's now a Ruby Summer of Code.
Over at the EngineYard blog, Kirk Haines talks about how to scale Ruby.
After reading about Hammertime I started hacking a bit with continuations. The result? Exception#continue.
I just wrote a 7521px long blog post about Temple, pushed out the source to GitHub and created a mailing list for discussing template compilation.
I've finally pushed out Parkaby, the superfast Markaby clone, together with Camping, Rails and Sinatra hooks. Have a look at the README and feel free to ask any questions here or over at my blog.
Copy'n'Paste in IRB
If you're on Mac (or Linux with xclip) and find yourself very often pasting/copying thing from IRB, have a look at this little snippet.
A simple JavaScript library for interacting with GitHub's v2 API. Checkout the blog (spammy) post or dive directly into the code at GitHub.
A Selection Of Thoughts From Actual Women, collected by why the lucky stiff.
BrowserCMS 3.0 Beta
The beta release of our new open source Ruby on Rails CMS, BrowserCMS 3.0 (Beta) is now available at GitHub. Watch the introduction given at acts_as_conference if you want a more in-depth view of the philosophy behind BrowserCMS.
Hpricot, a very flexible HTML and XML parser, has just been updated to version 0.7. From a user's point of view, this version brings mostly speed improvements and bug fixes. Have a look at the announcement for more details, and why Hpricot still is being updated (after the release of Nokogiri).
GiraffeSoft FLOSS Week
This week GiraffeSoft have released five open-source projects:
1) classy_resources - resource_controller for Sinatra.
2) enum_field (posted to RubyFlow earlier this week)
3) is_taggable - a simple tagging implementation.
4) Claws - command line access & Ruby library to EC2, SQS and S3.
5) timeline_fu - activity feeds made awesome.
Fabio Kung has written a library for extracting a piece of code to a separate method. Currently supports TextMate, but it should be fairy easy to integrate it with other editors. Take a look at the screencast and read all about it at his blog!
Tore Darell has written a library to mirror your I18n setup in Ruby, together with all your translations, with JavaScript. Take a look at his blog for some instructions: Introducing Babilu: Rails i18n for your JavaScripte.
Phusion has done some great work (including patching fastthread and ruby-sqlite3), and Passenger is now the first "serious" server to run on 1.9.1. Read all about how they accomplished it at their blog: Getting ready for Ruby 1.9.1.
Ruby 1.9.1 released!
It's just been announced, 1.9.1 the first stable release of the Ruby 1.9 series has been released:
Ruby 1.9 is a new series of Ruby. It is modern, faster, with clearer syntax, multilingualized and much improved version of Ruby. Ruby 1.8 series has been used since 2003 and many great products were born on it. Today Ruby 1.9 series starts its history as 1.8 series did. Notice that Ruby 1.8 still remains. 1.8.8 will be released this year.
"When in doubt, turn to _why" is a little article explaining some of the awesomeness of Why the Lucky Stiff.
Easily copy folders and files to other Git branches with Grancher. Perfect for GitHub Pages!
Sunday is for simple solutions: Morse.rb
Access a Git-repo as a Hash: Gash.
This is the greatest and best code in the world: Tribute.
Turn everything into an IO with this little snippet. Anything more you ever wanted to be an IO?
Anyone knows why Hash#default_proc= doesn't exists?
I know there was some talk about open-sourcing RubyFlow, but what happened? Is it really worth keeping the source closed?
Don't forget about RubyForge
I have published Camping Explained: The beginning, the first part of a series on the cool stuff behind Camping.
A little post on the development of Camping 2.0
Did you know that our friend Why the Lucky Stiff has published some funny Ruby-vidoes?
Ruby Fishy Edition
My thoughts on Ruby Enterprise Edition and Phusion.
Johnson connects Ruby with Spidermonkey. Check out the blog post.