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julian7 — 10 posts

Why ruby 2.0.0 runs slower than 1.9.3? (hint: because I have asked it to be slower). In fact, it's nearly as fast as 1.9.3 with falcon-gc.
We all know (start_date..end_date).include?(this_date) is quite slow. If you have seen Ben Orenstein's talk about refactoring, you might know (...).cover? is much faster... but is it fast enough?

No. Use Date#between? instead.
If you think testing slows you down, your code is boring.
Since I realized I'm gonna use some client-side templating engine anyways, nested forms are much easier to build. The example uses handlebars, formtastic and slim, changing them is very straightforward.
What if you don't want to install yet another rails version just to try it out? Put it to Rails Nursery! Then you can get rid of it with a simple command.
Vendoring gems still apply, but in practice, it can be bothersome. However, it's very easy, if you do it with style.
Going back to Vlad doesn't mean you should ditch all the things you learned from Inploy. Leverage RVM, bundler with the least effort and most control. Make deployments even more robust.
Upgrading to rails 3 is a good opportunity to update your deployment procedure, rethinking what you really want.
I tried to upgrade my ongoing development to Rails 3. We still have issues with this, but it's promising. Here're my experiences so far.
How to use JqGrid and being not in the way in the same time? Here's a recipe how to use JqGrid + SearchLogic + jQuery Tools in the same time.