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kbparagua — 4 posts

Paloma 3 is a rewrite of the old version. It is now simpler and more flexible. Check it out here.
A new version of Paloma is out!

Now more powerful with new syntax and new features like Filters (before_filters, after_filters, around_filters) and Locals.
Currently Rails 3 has a not so organized structure for javascript files. Compressing all javascripts in one big file is fine. But I think we need a more organized way to group js files. Paloma provides a more logical way of organizing JS files. Action specific javascript files. That's it!
It is great that Rails asset pipeline compress all our js files into one big js file. But sometimes it introduces code conflicts and shits because what we really want is specific js code per page!

Check out Paloma and start organizing your JS files the sexy way. :)