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matthewbeale — 3 posts

Ben Woodward shows you how to make your tables drag & drop sortable: Sortable Bootstrap Tables (in Rails). Using Bootstrap, jQuery UI, Rails, and RankedModel, he walks you through a step by step setup.
At Harvest, our dev team was having a rough time with ThinkingSphinx and Rails 3. The experience prompted us to create a lightweight alternative for Rails+Sphinx integration we've released as Thebes. Read about Thebes on the Harvest blog and find the code at Github.
Harvest started working a Rails 3 project with a blank slate, and just couldn't bring ourselves to use paperclip or any of the other heavy alternatives. We came up with something pretty nice that uses HTML5 (drag and drop!) for asynchronous uploads, Plupload for multiple files and queuing, S3 for storage, and works great for simple CMS flows. Easy Rails Asset Handling with HTML5 & S3