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mattslay — 14 posts

I just received this email about the total re-launch of the site:

So, y'all go sign up!!!

When we launched Rails Forum in May 2006, ... it grew to over 4,000 members and 24,000 posts in the first year. ...

Unfortunately, we didn't do a very good job of maintaining that community and it has been overrun by spam in recent years. ...

That's why today we're happy to announce that we're relaunching Rails Forum. We want the forum to get back to its roots. We want to be a useful resource that contributes positively to the Rails community again. We needed a clean slate. To that end, we've ported everything over to a more mature and secure software system, redesigned the site, and put in place a new moderation team.

We hope you'll take a moment to join us and register for the new Rails Forum at

Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have concerns or suggestions for serving you better.


Josh Catone, Adam Cooke & Kelli Shaver

Learn how to host your own Rails apps right in a Virtual Machine. Don't laugh... it really works.
Hear Rod Paddock session on Introduction to Ruby on Rails at the SouthwestFox conference, in Gilbert, AZ - October 18-21, 2012.
Oops. The author of this tutorial asked me to pull this down until he polishes it up a little more. Will re-post when it's ready...
Matt Stopa has begun posting a nice series of videos on YouTube, each one introducing some basic concepts in Ruby. These brief videos show him typing in code in real time while giving explanations and comparisons of various ways to implement and improve Ruby code.
.Net Rocks Podcast # 636 - Joe O'Brien Does Ruby on Windows.
EngineYard blog post about SQL Server Adapter for Rails
Ruby on Rails Support Discontinued in NetBeans IDE. Read this e-mail I received from The NetBeans team.
30 videos from RubyConf 2010 sessions now online. Recorded Nov 11-13, 2010.
How to Install Ruby 1.9.2 and Rails 3.0 on Ubuntu 10.10 Also includes a link to a written article with the same content.
RVM author @wayneeseguin is joining EngineYard to improve the experience of setting up a Rails environment on a Windows machine. Blog post here.
A (written) interview of Ryan Bates by We the Creatives on 2010-11-29 - Ryan Bates interview.
ASP.NET MVC vs Ruby on Rails - A video from the Norwegian Developers Conference 2010. A smackdown panel discussion with Scott Bellware, Friedman, Hariri, and Rob Conery. Hosted by Richard Campbell, and Carl Franklin of .NET Rocks! (48 mins)
A before-and-after example of converting an erb file to HAML. Also contains lots of links to other HAML resources and various videos that I discovered in my HAML research. HAML example and other links.