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methodmissing — 5 posts

POSIX Realtime IO, Ruby and Events
Barcampt PT presentation on POSIX AIO, Ruby and events.
Ruby Memory Allocation
An interpreter and version agnostic look into memory allocation overheads.Read more ...
MRI Instrumentation
MRI Instrumentation allows for deep visibility into the Ruby VM on any existing dtrace enabled platform ( OS X Leopard, Solaris etc. ) without any recompilation - it just works.See the README for block, GC and method cache examples.
Mysqlplus Adapter
First production ready release of Mysqlplus Adapter available - ActionController threaded dispatch, deferred results, preloading across multiple connections, connection pool pre-warmup and GC enhancements ( see benchmarks in the README ).
Scrooge is a Framework and ORM agnostic Model / record attribute tracker to ensure production Ruby applications only fetch the database content needed to minimize wire traffic and reduce conversion overheads to native Ruby types. An unobtrusive, cluster friendly auto-configuration with a warmup period strategy is supported for production use. It's not meant to replace or compete with fragment caching, but may compliment an existing caching setup or minimize overheads when caching is not viable.