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michelson — 10 posts

I just launched Dante wysiwyg. It's just another editor clone. it has many of the medium wysiwyg features, and is in our roadmap to get 100% of the features that medium editor has. It comes with asset-pipeline (rails/sprockets) integration out of the box.
BigBroda is an ActiveRecord adapter for Google Bigquery.
It supports many of the AR awesomeness: querying, associations, migrations and yadayada
I just launched BigBroda: an ActiveRecord adapter with rails integration for Google Bigquery.
Active importer is a new gem that let you define importers, with a nice DSL, for loading tabular data from spreadsheets or CSV files into any ActiveRecord-like ORM.
Audit activerecord models like a boss, works with rails 4 with Espinita gem and yada yada.
StarTechConf 2013
Hi Guys StarTechConf, is a two-day conference about technology in Chile, this conference have amazing speakers like Yehuda Katz, Tenderlove, Laurent Sansonetti among others. If you have the chance to visit South America in october, you can´t miss this opportunity.
I just launched lazy_google_analytics, this gem it´s an abstraction around google-api-client gem, to make server to server api calls.

google-api-client gem is a very powerful tool to access the api resources on google. but for me it was not very straightforward, so I came around with a simple way to implement it. that's all.

...and yada yada.
Last night @xiaods bumped a new version of lazy_high_charts gem. You know ... for make HighChart graphs on Rails.
This new release has some niceties like support for AJAX requests and ability to supply an array of axes or other objects and still use .js_code within the array of hashes.
Big thanks to Troy Anderson, David Biehl for this features.
just released a plugin for rails, a helper to help create graphics with the javascript library "highcharts" the samples of the graphics are in the highcharts site; and the code of the helper can be found, as always, in github:
I just launched Detached-Carrot a port of SimplifiedStarling plugin for push&pop active_record tasks with RabbitMQ. SimplifiedStarling is a very cool plugin that works on StarlingMQ, since Starling presented some problems with the latest versions of memcached-client i decided to work on porting SimplifiedStarling to work on RabbitMQ. This plugin works with carrot gem a great client for synchronous amqp. so what makes DetachedCarrot is simply detach the process and push AR tasks in the same way as SimplifiedStarling does. so probably the switch to ss to dc should be transparent.