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mlitwiniuk — 3 posts

I wrote short introduction to Lit - mountable as engine web interface for your translations. Lit is of course open sourced on GitHub - new features are more than welcome.
We've updated our gem for managing translations in Rails apps. It comes as an engine (no need for third party services), so installation is very straightforward. Lit helps you translate your apps via separate backend, all changes are visible in real time.
Latest version (0.1) comes with improved stability, support for versioning and what's most important - API and ability to synchronize translations between environments (or even apps).
I wrote lit - a i18n web interface for Rails apps. Lit (Lost in translation) is build on top of twitter bootstrap and I hope, that you will find it helpful in translating your apps by non-technicals.
Still under heave development, but any feedback is more than welcome.