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mperham — 16 posts

Sidekiq 3.0 now available
If you run background jobs, good news! Sidekiq 3.0 is now available.
Sidekiq Pro turns 1.0
I just released v1.0 of Sidekiq Pro, my commercial add-on for Sidekiq. To celebrate, I'm giving away 1.0 free licenses, read how to enter the raffle!
The 12 Gems of Christmas
I'm blogging about a new or "under-appreciated" rubygem every day for the next 12 days. Each day you will learn about a gem and how it can help you as a Ruby developer. Read all about The 12 Gems of Christmas.
Sidekiq Pro is an advanced feature pack for Sidekiq, the best asynchronous processing system for Ruby. It includes brand new functionality like Batches, Notifications and Metrics.
Sidekiq 2.0.0 released
Sidekiq is a simple but efficient background processor for Ruby and Rails. It's meant to be Resque-compatible but far faster since many jobs execute in parallel. Version 2.0.0 adds scheduled jobs so you can say "send this email 3 days from now".
Sidekiq 1.2.0 released
Sidekiq is a very fast, efficient background processor. It's like resque except far more efficient, learn more here. One Sidekiq process can do the same amount of work as 25 Resque processes. In 1.2.0, we've added inline testing support and the ability to timeout misbehaving workers.
I’ve worked with Rails for quite a while now and in that time I’ve seen a lot of Rails applications and both read and written a lot of bad Ruby code. Here’s five common mistakes that I see in almost every Rails codebase.
Sidekiq is my new message processor for Rails 3 apps. It aims to be Resque-compatible but much, much more efficient because it uses threads rather than multiple processes. Read the wiki or the code.
Think Globally, Stage Locally
I wanted a staging environment that I could run locally to test my full Linux application stack. In this post, I show you how to setup a Vagrant VM and deploy your Rails app to it with Capistrano.
I've posted an introduction to using Actors for safe and easy concurrency with Ruby and then created a gem, girl_friday, which uses Actors to provide a next generation message queueing system. If you're thinking of using delayed_job or Resque for your next project, take a look at girl_friday too!
Lunchy is a friendy wrapper for OSX's launchctl, making it easier to start and stop your Homebrew or MacPorts daemons.
MiniTest replaces the old Test::Unit library in Ruby 1.9. Find out what's new!
I've created a brand new pure Ruby memcached client gem, Dalli, which is designed to replace the memcache-client gem. It drops right into Rails 3 and supports Ruby 1.8, 1.9 and managed environments like Heroku.
Phashion is a Ruby wrapper around the pHash library, an API for detecting duplicate and near-duplicate image, audio and video files. It currently only supports images but your help is welcome!
A multi-variate Bayesian classification engine in Ruby. Most popularly known for spam detection, Bayesian classification uses statistical methods to determine the proper category for a given document.
phat uses Ruby 1.9 and EventMachine to scale better than a typical Rails application. My blog post explains how it works.