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Surface is an extensible low-level interface for semantic rich text editing. It doesn’t introduce any UI components, but an API for managing user-defined text annotations. It can be used as a foundation for text editors that support annotations.
Substance Document helps with the creation and transformation of digital documents. It ensures consistency, separates content from presentation and provides an easy to use API. It depicts the heart of the Substance Platform, a set of tools for content creation and distribution.
Github prevents you from implementing the OAuth Web Application Flow on a client-side only application. This is a real bummer. So we built Gatekeeper, which is the missing piece you need in order to make it work.
Okay, again. This is not Ruby. However this could be very useful in conjunction with a Ruby Backend for the data. Dance.js is a data-driven visualization framework. It's basically a flavor of Backbone.js, but enriched with some of the ideas of the very popular D3.js visualization framework. Don't miss the Barchart Dance.
I just pushed Version 0.1.2 of Github.js, a higher-level wrapper around the Github API. Intended for the browser.
We just released version 0.2.1 of It adds support for move content operations along with UI improvements and bug fixes. Enjoy!
Data.js 0.2.0 released
I just released Data.js 0.2.0. It's data manipulation and persistence for Javascript.
Substance is a web-based document authoring and publishing engine developed in the open and available to everyone. Check the Website, the Introduction and the Source Code.
We just released PROPER™ 0.1 — A Semantic Rich Text Editor that outputs sanitized HTML markup.

Demo and Code
Data.js is being built to ease to process of on-the-fly data manipulation in Javascript.
We just launched a very first demo of Substance, a data-driven document authoring engine. It may be used for any kind of online publication. Project and Demo
Finally, I've managed to add a cross browser mouse picking implementation (without hacks). It should now work in all browsers that support ctx.isPointInPath(). Please file an issue if you encounter some problems. Unveil.js
It features generic data abstraction through Collections, a Visualization API allowing the creation of pluggable visualizations, and a Scene Graph implementation on top of HTML 5 Canvas. See the GitHub project, the documentation, and an example.
I just added support for the new Topic API to the Ken Ruby Freebase Library. As usual the library wraps the JSON result of the web service to convenient Ruby Objects. The wrapped Topic API may be a good starting point for those who wanna get going with Ruby and Freebase. It should now be even easier to build simple Ruby Freebase apps (based on the Topic API).
Merb is still under active development. There are great improvements in the latest gem release. Besides, the official development repository has moved to