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nomadcoder — 19 posts

Netzke - a library for building client-server GUI components with Sencha Ext JS and Ruby - was updated to version 0.8. It brings a major, backward-incompatible update to the API (making it more intuitive and fun to use), more thorough docs, and cleaner code. The project website, a few tutorials, and a couple of satellite apps have been updated, too - so it's even easier to start writing your own complex backend apps.
Going off the rails on a crazy train
"… I mean when I first saw “def” in the programming book I thought it looked something like ‘Def Leppard’ band."

RubyTrain: an excellent blog by someone who never in his life thought of writing code professionally, but got hooked on Ruby on Rails and is thoroughly documenting his journey. You surely know a friend or two who would like to hop on!
Netzke is a Sencha Ext JS and Ruby on Rails component framework. The new blog post explains some interesting recent improvements to the Netzke client-server communication mechanism, which became possible thanks to the power of Ext.Direct.
A blogpost about testing Netzke (Ext JS + Rails) components with Cucumber. Can be useful for those using Netzke, as well as for those using Ext JS with Rack applications directly.
The first part of the tutorial shows how to build a simple data-driven component for Sencha Touch with Rails and Netzke Core, and then use it in a composite component, thus demonstrating the power of modular approach to mobile web applications.
What's new in Netzke 0.6
Rails 3 compatibility, Cucumber tests, much cleaner API and increased code readability. Presented at Ruby-and-Rails conf. Read the details.
One-to-Many Associations in Netzke
New tutorial on Netzke (Ext JS and Rails framework): going into details on one-to-many associations in grids and forms.
One place for all Netzke stuff:
A write-up on how to quickly build a Task Manager web-application with Ext JS, Ruby on Rails, and Netzke: the article.
A fresh solution to cleanly specify and configure (virtual) attributes for Netzke widgets: the blog post. With live demo, as usual.
Icons in Netzke Widgets
Latest Netzke update introduces support for FamFamFam Silk icons. See new blogpost for details. With live demo.
A new blog post announcing a new release of the netzke-core gem/plugin: embedding Netzke (ExtJS+Rails) widgets (such as full featured Grid/FormPanel, BorderLayoutPanel, AccordionPanel, etc) into a Rails view is easier than ever.
The netzke-demo project has been updated with a live demo of Netzke::Window. Netzke is as framework that greatly facilitates creation of reusable ExtJS/Rails components.
How difficult should it be to create a Netzke widget? See the new blog post. With live demo.
New tutorial on writing ExtJS/Rails reusable code with Netzke is showing how to add a context-menu item and a button linked to the same Ext.Action instance into your widget. With source code and live demo.
Check out the new illustrated tutorial, which leads you trough the process of creating a complex widget (with shiny ExtJS as front-end, and Ruby-on-Rails as backend) with several lines of code. Learn how to use new powerful features of the Netzke framework introduced in the latest release. The results of the tutorial are presented as live demo.
I needed Netzke to allow intuitive, yet powerful, role/user-based configuration of the web-app. Here's a little preview of what it now can do: Netzke: "masquerading"
A comprehensive tutorial on how to create a composite Netzke widget: get some insight on how this Rails + ExtJS framework works.
An extensive live demo of the Netzke::GridPanel widget has been released on along with the source-code snippets. Netzke is a framework meant to greatly facilitate the creation of Rails/ExtJS applications.