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nu7hatch — 16 posts

Paranoid Git Workflow
Check out my new blog post about improving teamwork in big projects with paranoid git workflow.
I just published Egoistat a small app written in Go with Backbone.js frontend. It shows number of social shares for specified url, simple stuff. And here's the blog post describing how Go implementation kicks Ruby in benchmarks, also few tips included there:
Is Go an object oriented language?
Hi folks! For those of you interested in Go programming I have a new blog post about how Golang deals with OOP. Enjoy!
I just launched Desant App - it's an open source landing pages system in Sinatra + Backbone.js. You can check out its beautiful demo (credentials: admin/pass) or fork it on github. Enjoy!
I just published my new blog post, this time more ruby related. It's about my hacker's thoughts on Lean Startup, DDD and DCI. I appreciate any feedback!
Go-powered web-services with Rails
Hey folks, my new blog post about Go-powered web-services with Rails is out. Enjoy!
The go command...
Thought, my recent blog post about new go command may be also interesting for the rubyists, check it out here.
Flow to Go...
Yeap, nu7 is blogging now, check out my new page at! It will be mostly about my transition from Ruby/Python to being a full time Go developer. If someone is interested in learning Go, or distributed computing stuff in general, then it will be a great place to do it!
Some time ago i've pushed working idea of totally logic-less templating system called shaven. It's mix of tuned up presenter layer similar to defunkt's mustache and neat, designers friendly, logic less html templates. Would be great to gather some feedback from you guys and push it to production!
I just released very simple library which helps you to play with Redis in your libs and applications. It contains Rails 3 railtie and generators too. Check out my Redis Aid rubygem.
I just released new version of Gmail rubygem. Now it provides few new search filters and supports XOAuth authentication!
Hi guys! I just launched gmail ruby gem. It's strongly refactored, improved and tested version of ruby-gmail from Daniel Parker.
I just posted very simple example of Rails 3 app with unobtrusive jquery.
I just released the konfigurator gem. Konfigurator is a configuration toolkit strongly inspired by Sinatra framework settings. Thanks to it you can easy implement configuration options to your apps, modules or classes.
Just released the newest version of ACLatraz - a kick-ass access control system for Ruby! Install it from rubygems: sudo gem install aclatraz ... or check it out on github for more info.
I just released react gem. React is a simple application that allows for remote command execution, and it uses Redis as a queue.