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oscardb — 25 posts

How mysql utf8 truncates 4 byte characters and what to do about it.
Rails edge: Custom flash types
Learn what happens behind the scenes when you create a method in Ruby

Ruby Internals: Method Definition
This article explains how Ruby implements exec in C.
I just released firebase, a Ruby gem for updating your firebase apps in real time (video linked). If you love Firebase, you'll love this gem.
A dream, and a business tip that DHH gave me last night.
You can now have multiple route files in your rails [edge] app.
I'm launching a new rails edge series, here's the first article:

Rails Edge: Queue
Another article in the Rails internals series:

Rails Internals: Secure Password
New article in the Rails internal series:

Rails Internals: Active Model Observers
Rails One Click is a/will be a simple installer for Ruby and Rails. It is targeted at beginners who have little/no programming experience and want to try Rails. Rails one Click installs Ruby 1.9.3 with yaml support, and the latest version of Rails. Rails One Click on Github.
Another post in the rails internals series: Mass Assignment Security.
I just launched sheet, a text snippet utility for the command line.
First in a series of posts about Rails internals: Rails Internals: Inside Active Model Attribute Methods.
I just launched pow-client, a simple command line wrapper for simplifying Pow workflows.
I wrote this very simple gem for formatting json from the command line. Very useful with curl.

Check it out on Github: json formatter.
I often need to see when methods are defined, removed, etc, so I made this:
Rake Notifier
Rake Notifier is a small script I wrote to be notified via email whenever a rake task throws an exception.
Rawler is a command line tool written in Ruby that crawls your website looking for broken links.
Github Trends
Github Trends provides you with rss feeds of what's popular on Github. See the blog post for background.
Rawler 0.0.2 Has Been Released
Rawler is a ruby library that crawls your website and reports the http status code of all your links. Announcement.
Demo app that uses Rails 3, MongoDB, Cucumber and Rspec for an url shortening service.
Here's how to.
Newsite is a command line tool that creates a skeleton template for your static websites.
Crazy Tests
I just made this totally useless script that plays a burp sound every time that one of your tests fail.