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Not familiar with RubyMotion yet? Or want to learn more? Take a few minutes to read part 1 of my interview with Laurent Sansonetti.

FYI tomorrow I'll post part 2, also on RubySource. Laurent and I will explore RubyMotion internals a bit... super fun stuff :)
Last week I decided to look into the details of how Ruby implements class variables, and ended up learning all about Smalltalk instead :)

I just posted a write up here; read it to learn what Smalltalk is, and how similar it is to Ruby.
I just posted an interview with Xavier Noria on RubySource.
I just posted another - the last - free excerpt from "Ruby Under a Microscope:" How Ruby Borrowed a Decades Old Idea From Lisp. I'm planning to finish up the eBook before RubyConf starts on November 1st.
This is an eBook I’m writing this Summer about Ruby internals - no C programming required!

Last week I posted an excerpt from Chapter 1 about how Ruby parses your code, and today I posted an excerpt from Chapter 2 about how YARV executes Ruby control structures - enjoy! Feedback welcome...
Ruby Under a Microscope
I just published one chapter from my upcoming Ruby internals eBook, called Ruby Under a Microscope - Learning Ruby Internals Through Experiment.
Ever wonder what happens inside of Ruby when you execute a regex search? Find out here: Exploring Ruby’s Regular Expression Algorithm.
This morning I wrote about Why You Should Be Excited About Garbage Collection in Ruby 2.0 .
I just had a fascinating conversation about JRuby with Charles Nutter... the best part was chatting with him about JRuby internals. You can read it all on
It turns out The Joke Is On Us: How Ruby 1.9 Supports the Goto Statement.
More on Ruby internals
Two weeks ago I wrote about My first impression of Rubinius internals, and this morning I went on a Journey to the center of JRuby.
I had a chance to talk with Nick about last week - what happens when you run "gem push", how it serves gems, who else has been helping him on the project, etc. You can read the highlights of our conversation over on
I just posted a follow up to my "23 chars" article from two weeks ago: Seeing double: how Ruby shares string values.
Today I wrote about why you should Never create Ruby strings longer than 23 characters ... :).
Be sure to follow some simple best practices; see: Learning from the masters part 2: three metaprogramming best practices.
In this article I'll show you mine: Learning from the masters: some of my favorite Rails commits.
Last week I wrote a tutorial called Finding your soulmate: autocomplete with Redis in Rails 3.1 and this morning I posted a follow up article discussing Two ways of using Redis to build a NoSQL autocomplete search index.
You might have heard that Bundler 1.1 will be a lot faster, but you may not know that the Bundler team has introduced a few new useful commands and options as well…

See: Besides being faster, what else is new in Bundler 1.1?
Find out why you need to send some love to @tenderlove and the rest of the Rails core team!

See: Show some love for prepared statements in Rails 3.1.
Don't let your features/step_definitions folder become a mess! Learn how to refactor your Cucumber step definitions to be more readable and maintainable.
See: The technology you never knew you were using to test your Rails site
How does Bundler bundle? and Bundler’s Best Kept Secret
Hi... I'm looking for some feedback on the idea behind this site:

Discuss on HN:

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
Customizing a Toto blog site
Last month I migrated my blog from Mephisto over to Toto, which has been a lot of fun to use. I took some time to write up 4 tips for how to customize a Toto blog site and Customizing Toto to support blog post categories... in case anyone else decides to try the same thing.