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pmurach — 17 posts

I've released supervision that aids writing more resilient and self-healing distributed systems. Please check it out! Any feedback appreciated!
The finite_machine gets stable and stronger.
The finite_machine has stronger focus on event driven transitions. Now you can call your events asynchronously fsm.async.go. Please check it out and let me know what you think!
The finite_machine v0.2.0 brings tons of improvements, including support for custom error handlers, generic state and event listeners and easy integration with other object through target helper.
I've written finite_machine Ruby gem, a minimal state machine implementation with (hopefully) intuitive DSL. What sets it apart from other state machines is that it requires no integration with other frameworks or mixin inclusion. It aims to provide everything a state machine should have and nothing more. Please see README for full list of features and please review, follow and use the project!
I've just released major upgrade to the GitHub CLI which provides refined interface, more commands and better configuration.
A small nifty gem equatable to help value objects express their equality.
I just released github_api with support for media types, statistics api and more.
communist treats your command line app as black box and provides simple cucumber steps to described expected responses. Check it out and let us know what you think?
I've released gem called impact which provides a backend for running local Impact.js game servers.

You can run many projects concurrently on different ports by typing impact -p 3005 inside your project directory. Enjoy!
Much improved version of github_cli gem has been released. It sports better configuration, generous test suite and smoother interface. Comments/suggestions/observations are more than welcome.
I've released v0.4 rack-policy gem with new Rails/Sinatra/Padrino view helper that helps you manage cookie policy information in your templates.
I've released rack-policy gem v0.3 that helps any rack based web app implement so called EU 'Cookie Law'.
Command line tool for querying GitHub API v3 with new apis and juicy output formatting @github_cli.
New release github_api v0.6.0
Includes integration with the new search and repository contents apis, check it out @github_api.
If you love Unix shell and want to interact with GitHub api v3, please have a look at github_cli.
github_api for access to GitHub API v3
I've just released github_api gem for querying GitHub API. To get you quickly started read documentation. I hope you find it useful. You may consider using it to win github challange.