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pothibo — 14 posts

Just blogged about the difference between server side HTML rendering and the use of an API.
Last weekend I set myself to customize content_tag to allow dynamic tag generation.

Too vague? Head over to my blog and read about it ;)
In this post, I show you how to build alternative many-to-many relationships without creating join tables.

Have you ever wondered how rails boots from rails server to a fully working webserver?

I wrote about it!
Contextual menu are in almost every project. Here, I discuss about a technique that I am using that leverages content_for and yield. If you've never heard of it before, come and have a read. It's going to be worth it.
I just wrote an article about how to subclass the default form builder to create complex and structured forms.

This technique allows you to keep your views really light on ruby code and delegate all the complex stuff to a ruby class that is a descendant of ActionView::Helpers::FormBuilder.

You can read it on my blog
Many times, we feel we should use gems to solve our problems. I believe gems should be a last resort in many cases since Rails already have most of the API to solve the problems you need.

Read my thoughts on the matter here
Ruby on rails come with loads of feature to help you build your project in a modularized fashion. I've wrote a post on how to use those features to in your project.

Read it here.
In almost every project, there's either a menu or breadcrumb that never really new how to build one efficiently. Sure I knew about the gems and I had an idea of an implementation. But until my latest project, I wasn't satisfied.

You can read what I've come up with on my blog:
I just launched a new blog engine powered by ruby on rails. I've been using it for the past 3 months and today, I launch it to the public.

The source is at
We're so much in our controller, helpers, views and what not that sometimes we just forget that rails comes with handy configuration options that can make our life easier.

So I wrote this post that highlights some of the configuration I like to use or I find useful. Enjoy!
If you've read about SJR and its vulnerability, here's a solution that I took from the JSON world and applied it to SJR payload.

You can read it on my blog
I released this gem a while ago, but I wasn't certain of the direction I wanted to take. Now that I have, I hope it helps you with your project.

I named it cubisme.
Feel free to ask me anything if you have any question.
In this post, I explain how rack is used in rails so you can start playing with rack to customize your project's behavior.