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preston — 13 posts

If you'd like to send SMS messages for free, I just released an updated version of the old sms-fu gem called sms-easy. SMSEasy works in both plain Ruby apps as well as Rails. I could use help testing and updating the carrier database, so if you have fixes, please send pull requests!
The niche ruby-prolog library has been updated for ruby 2.0.0, bundler, and minitest, and released as v1.0.1!

ruby-prolog allows you to solve complex logic problems on the fly using a dynamic, Prolog-like DSL. Use is usually encompassed by stating basic facts using your data, defining rules, and then asking questions! Confused? Check out a simple ACL enforcement example or, for the daring, the ruby-prolog solution to the Tower's of Hanoi problem!

Clone/Fork the GitHub repository.
Most of us developer types have at least two machines we use routinely, and managing that can be a chore. Homeboy is a set of small, plain BASH scripts to synchronize core config files, update system packages, upgrade development libraries, and pull git clones every morning in one shot by running `homeboy'. [release overview] [github]

I just launched some groovy thing and yada yada.
A long-needed update release has just been posted, which includes support for fully-native internal threading for both Ruby 1.9 and JRuby 1.6. [GitHub]

Quick start examples:
* gem install journeta
* journeta_instant_messenger.rb (in multiple terminals)
* journeta_network_status.rb (in another terminal)
I just launched RailRoady, a Ruby on Rails 3 model and controller UML class diagram generator, originally based on the "railroad" plugin for Rails v1/v2 and contributions of many others.
Notes on the reasoning behind the Perl operators for Ruby programmers not versed in Perl. In response to Avdi Grimm's post.
A two-part screencast series demonstrating two different 3D desktop applications using ruby-processing on JRuby. Source code by Preston Lee available on his GitHub account: and
Roundtable discussion on Ruby IDEs and text editors. Four OpenRain developers debate the pros and cons of different IDE and editor tools for day-to-day Ruby application development.

Runtime: 38:39 minutes.
Participants: Marc Chung, Preston Lee, Saul Mora, Benjamin Smith.
Stream via the web from or subscribe via iTunes.
Direct Download: ~34MB AAC, ~74MB MP3
[Listen on iTunes]

#76: Roundtable 3
Sinatra webapps and Ruby micro-frameworks. Ruby conference recommendations. Safari 4 Beta, HTML 5 and CSS 3. Participants: Marc Chung, Ben Smith, remi Taylor, Saul Mora, and Preston Lee.
Direct MP3 Download:

#77: Ruby In The Enterprise, Part 2
Interview with University of Phoenix Senior Software Engineer Aaron K. Hawkins. Participants: Aaron K. Hawkins (UoP), Preston Lee (OpenRain)
Direct MP3 Download:
Roundtable discussion on... The scalability of Ruby and Rails applications, and source control in the Ruby community. [iTunes], [Web Streaming], [Discussion]
Roundtable discussion on unobtrusive JavaScript; common drawbacks of CSS layouts. Running time: ~46:50. [Web Streaming] [iTunes]
A brief but common misconception about the benefits of Rails in the enterprise.
HR departments for many technology firms tend to be a bit backwards in the way they evaluate potential hires. OpenRain's hiring strategy--while admittedly skewed towards finding only top tier entrepreneurial people--follows these steps.