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rahul100885 — 10 posts

Checkout how to override default routes of devise for Sign in an Sign out with details
Recently I have upgraded one of my app from rails 4.0 to rails 4.1 and collected some notable changes which are required for upgrade. Here is My experience.
Recently I have worked on testing ajax functionality using capybara in feature spec. Here is my finding on capybara and ajax calls
Just Recently Jon Leighton (Rails core team member) has added a support for specifying transaction isolation level, in rails 4. Here is link for more information.
Tuning of Phusion passenger for single app ( like production ) or for multiple apps ( like common development server or testing environment)
Simple nginx tuning for rails application on production server
A long back I have tuned my GC of REE for a small rails application and also wrote post over here. Now it is a time to revisit whether same tuning is still applicable, after code base becomes huge.
RVM and REE installation
Recently I had given session on RVM and REE installation. Click here for more information.
Replace delayed job with resque
Step by step guide to replace delayed job with resque server.
Step by step guide to install redis server on ubuntu from source code.