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rbarazi — 5 posts

Strong Parameters - Rails 4 Countdown
Today's post in the Rails 4 countdown series is about Strong Parameters. Check it out!
Beginning Rails Workshop, Mongoid, and BDD at the next Toronto Ruby Brigade Meetup
Testing your Rails Plugin
Testing your Rails plugin - A quick tutorial on how to write test for your plugin when you need a database and some models.
SimplySearchable plugin
SimplySearchable - The main goal of SimplySearchable is to make it easy to do queries on your model by auto-magically creating some named_scope methods for common conditions. This plugin adds a method to the model named list that will find and filter records smartly. Please submit your bugs, requests and feedback at the project’s page on Lighthouse. RDocs are available at
Arabic Helper: A plugin to help you localize your Rails app to Arabic, this include few useful helpers and ActiveRecord localization

Arabic Helper consists of two parts, model extension and views helper methods. Model extension is to help you have Arabic error messages and attributes names in your model. Helper methods are made to support, pluralizing, country names and time distance in Arabic.